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Tell us where and when you are showing your collections and we'll match you to wholesale buyers that are not only based or travelling to the same places (at the same times). But are crucially also buying what you are selling in these locations. We make it is easy for buyers to find and connect with you all year round.

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Upload 10 images that showcase your brand for FREE. And when buyers are searching for what you are selling you will appear in their 'meeting lookbook' at the exact moment they are scheduling appointments with these designers.

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Meet The Buyer allows wholesale buyers to schedule face to face appointments (or phone calls) with you online. They can also send you product enquiries or chat with you instantly online.

Over 600 designers use Meet The Buyer...

600+ brands use Meet The Buyer Including... Maria Black! Paige Denim NATAYAKIM Zadig & Voltaire Watches OLCAY GULSEN Anouki Linda Farrow Alameda Turquesa MILLY Spektre Lulu Guinness Muzungu Sisters VIPARO NANETTE LEPORE Third Form Parker AMIR SLAMA ANNA K

Join the sales reps who use Meet The Buyer in order to stop sending unsolicited messages to retailers. Make yourself available to wholesale buyers whenever they are actively searching for what you are selling so they can connect with you instantly online.

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A sneak peak of our wholesale ‘meeting lookbook’ where your brand could appear…

How it works

1. Wholesale buyers search for brands they want meet 'visually'

Wholesale buyers enter the keywords of what they are looking to buy (e.g description/colour/brand name). We then present them with a visual representation of the designers (and sales reps) that they can schedule appointments with online. (Buyers can even filter designers by specific locations (e.g Paris, Tokyo etc). Register now

Meet The Buyer (https://meetthebuyer.com)

An online, curated 'meeting lookbook''

Wholesale buyers start their search for the products or brands they want to buy. They can filter these results by availability (we compare their calendar to each sales rep of the brands that appear in their search results in real-time). We then  display the brands (and sales reps) they can actually meet in person.

Live Chat

When a buyer sees a brand they like they can instantly chat with the official sales rep (or agent) online. If the rep is unavailable we automatically forward the message to their registered email address so they can reply and continue the conversation straight from their inbox.

2. Online Business Cards

Meet The Buyer (https://meetthebuyer.com)

Accurate contact Information

Wholesale buyers never really know who they should be speaking or if they have the right contact information. We make it easy for buyers so you never miss out on a possible sales lead.

Wholesale buyers can reveal the brand and it’s up-to-date business card by hovering over its product image in their search results. This provides crucial and up-to-date contact and availability information, as well as 4 ways of instantly connecting with the correct sales rep or agent online.

Convenient connection options

Chat now: Start a live chat with the sales rep

Profile: View the brands official Meet The Buyer profile page

Products: Browse the entire linesheet uploaded by the sales rep and send them an enquiry or order

Book Meeting: Schedule a face-to-face appointment (or phone call) with the sales rep online

3. Brand Profile Pages

View OW Intimates Meet The Buyer profile page. Register

Meet The Buyer (https://meetthebuyer.com)

Unique URL

When you register Meet The Buyer automatically creates a profile page for your brand with it’s own vanity URL. Share it with existing buyers so they can browse your linesheets before a sales event, chat with you or schedule face to face appointments (or phone calls) online.

4. Products Pages

Wholesale buyers can see your visual showcase. You can even upload an entire lookbook or linesheet. View OW Intimates mini linesheet. Register

Meet The Buyer (https://meetthebuyer.com)

FREE online linesheet

Upload up to 10 products that you think will stand out in our search results and that will make buyers want to contact you. You can even upload an entire collection if you want in seconds Рjust upgrade to one of our monthly premium plans which start from £20 per month.

Because we use image recognition technology to ‘tag’ your products when you upload them – they will immediately appear in our search results. This means you can register and setup your sales profile in under 2 minutes and come back later if you wish to complete the other linesheet information (such as SKUs, minimum orders values, unit costs etc).

Online Scheduling

***COVID-19 UPDATE*** Schedule phone or video conference calls with the sale reps of the brands you like online by booking an available timeslot. (When the pandemic ends you can schedule face-to-face appointments once again). Register now 

Meet The Buyer (https://meetthebuyer.com)

Face to face appointments

For the first time buyers can schedule face-to-face appointments with you online. This saves buyers valuable time and also removes any restrictions or inconveniences linked to timezones or languages which can make coordinating these things difficult.

(or Phone Calls)

If the buyer has no matching availability with the sales rep they can still schedule a phone call with them online instead!.

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