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Meet wholesale buyers at 10 Lines Consulting 

Are you a sales rep or agent working for a fashion brand during the COVID-19 crisis?

Would you like to meet new wholesale buyers (like 10 Lines Consulting) online, where they can browse your latest designs and book appoints to speak to your over the phone or via a video conferencing call?

Well now you can. Join Meet The Buyer today and start promoting your brand and your own sales meeting availability throughout the year so you can start generating sales leads from buyers like 10 Lines Consulting all year round for FREE.


For more information about Meet The Buyer visit https://join.meetthebuyer.com.

Retailers/Wholesale buyers: Are you wholesale buyer working for 10 Lines Consulting? Register today to source the designers (and sales reps) that are selling the products you want to buy and can meet in person based on your current (and future) travel plans and buying calendar. We’ll show you who you can meet and let you chat with their sales reps online and also schedule face-to-face appointments (or phone calls) with them online in advance. Plus view their profile pages and linesheets online for FREE so you can discover more about them. REGISTER